Sunscreens, Drop Shades, Privacy Curtains

Patio Enclosures in Rochester, NY has a variety of interior and exterior shades. We learned long ago that each shading/screening scenario is unique to the expectations of the customer. For that reason, we provide seven different screen products.

Seven different screen products combined with hundreds of fabric choices is a bit much, but it guarantees we'll be able to meet your expectations. Some people are looking to reduce the amount of direct sun while others want to completely block the sun. You may want privacy from the ever present neighbors. You may want to protect an area from rain. We can solve your problem.

People are often surprised at the number of choices available to them once they start getting advice. We offer advice with a specific purpose, to solve your situation.

We Work With the Following Brands:

Interior Shades Rochester NY

Interior Shades

Interior Shades are a great alternative to vertical or mini blinds. When retracted there is almost no sign of the screens. Once rolled up, you have your view back. The shade fabric can be lowered to any point to provide the desired shade or privacy. 

There are so many fabric choices. Mesh fabrics are made with a variety of openness that allow you to choose how much the sun will be blocked. There are all sorts of colors and patterns. Choosing a fabric can be lots of fun.

These shades also have many types of controls for operating. There are simple cord operations, crank operations and plenty of motor options. 
Exterior Shades Rochester NY

Exterior Shades

Patio Enclosures has installed exterior shades for too many different reasons to mention. The products have varied from window and door shades to entire walls for restaurants to get quick protection from the weather. We can match one of our exterior shading products to your specific need.
Our exterior shades are held in place by using cables or side tracks. These keep the shade in perfect alignment while being raised or lowered and prevent the wind from blowing the shade around.
As with all of our shading products, the fabric choices are immense.
Pull Screens Rochester NY

Pull Screens

A relatively newcomer to our shading line of products is the Palisade. This product is moved horizontally across an area instead of vertically. There's a handle or two that are used to pull the shade from the enclosed roller to the handle lock. As you can probably imagine, these are primarily used for privacy curtains.

The encased fabric can be free standing or attached to the house or a deck rail. The same is true for the locking stand.

These can be up to 8' tall for blocking the afternoon sun that is low on the horizon.
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