Rochester NY's Retractable, Stationary, and Window Awnings

Patio Enclosures has quickly become one of Rochester's most popular awning providers.

When the decision was made to begin offering awnings, we visited the manufacturing center, attended training seminars and watched more videos about awning installations and proper product choice than a person should have to watch. It was immediately obvious that the knowledge we were able to pass along to our customers was greatly appreciated. While shading an outdoor area may seem to be an easy proposition, it can have some challenges.

The Sun is a moving target and backyards face a variety of directions. Matching your shading expectations to the layout of the area requires some thought. We are fortunate to have a variety of retractable awnings with different benefits that we can match to your expectations. However, a retractable awning may not be the correct product for your needs.

It's completely possible that a different shading product, like a stationary awning, may be the proper choice. We will guide you through the decision making process by explaining the pro's and con's of each product.

We Work With the Following Brands:

Retractable Awnings Rochester NY

Retractable Awnings

From full-featured awnings to entry-level models, our retractable family of awnings has what you're looking for in shading solutions.

Bella- The Bella is Durasol's flagship retractable cassette awning. This awning can be pitched up to 53 degrees and still maintain a tight seal when retracted.

Carina- The Carina has a semi-cassette hood to protect the fabric when retracted and a unique cross arm option for longer projections in narrow widths.

Elite Plus- The Elite Plus is an extremely popular retractable awning that has lots of options. These include; "R-Pitch" adjustable shoulders for maximumn sun protection, cross-arm functionality, drop valance and a front bar level.

Regal- The Regal is our most affordable custom made retractable awning. Quite simply it is probably the best value in the market for a basic shading solution.

Triumph- The Triumph is a seriously heavy duty retractable awning. It's capable of a 15'11" projection and can be fitted with a drop valence.
Stationary Awnings Rochester NY

Stationary Awnings

A Weathermaster stationary awning combines the design and durability of yesteryear's framed awnings with today's dynamic, acrylic fabrics. This is a traditional stationary canopy that can be customized for maximum use. The Weathermaster can be made with or without side wings and can have fixed or retractable side curtains added at any time. The sizes vary from covering a residential deck to an oversized common area for group settings at a Country Club or Assisted Care Residence. The fabric is attached in the spring and removed before the snow starts to fly. This is a great way to create shaded living space. 
Window Awnings Rochester NY

Window Awnings

Durasol has given their window awning line the Registered name "Sunguard". This adequately describes the protection to your home that the different designs provide. 

Steelox- The Steelox is a stainless steel framed window awning with a contempory flair. The shine of the stainless steel is perfect for contempory homes or commercial applications.

Topaz- The Topaz is a cassette design awning for windows. It is a combination of protection for the home when extended and protection for the fabric when retracted. 

Onyx- The Onyx is Durasol's widest retractable window awning. The perfect shading solution for multiple window and/or door applications and commercial store fronts.

Suncatcher- The Suncatcher window awnings are truly traditionally styled. There are four different projection designs for you to choose from and all can be stationary or retractable.
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